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Aces & Jokers: A Wild Cards Podcast

We’re reading and discussing Wild Cards, a set of shared-world superhero novels edited by George R. R. Martin. We don't own Wild Cards and this is not an official podcast. We use brief clips from the audiobooks and other sources to illustrate and aid discussion. Spoilers abound.

Oct 26, 2019

In this episode we discuss the Wild Cards Comic Books, vols 1-4.

Show Notes

These show notes are short and sweet, like we like our men.

  • Jay does indeed wet the bed in Dead Man's Hand, after his Lovecraftian nightmare. No mention of rubber sheets there, though. Whether he is a habitual bedwetter is still unconfirmed.
  • That milk ducts image isn't real, but they should still use it in the show.
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General Notes

The only author consistently credited to these Wild Cards comic books is Lewis Shiner, though any author who created a particular character is credited too.

Artists who worked on these issues were: Barry Kitson, Harry Candelario, Keith Williams, Jackson Guice, Marshall Rogers, Fred Fredricks, Lee Weeks, Tom Yeates, Michael Bair, Tim Truman, Larry Stroman, Doug Potter, Mark Nelson, Al Williamson, John Tartaglione, Mickey Ritter, Gray Morrow, Al Ramirez , Paul Mounts, Sam Parsons, Joseph Chiodo and John Van Fleet.

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