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Aces & Jokers: A Wild Cards Podcast

We’re reading and discussing Wild Cards, a set of shared-world superhero novels edited by George R. R. Martin. We don't own Wild Cards and this is not an official podcast. We use brief clips from the audiobooks and other sources to illustrate and aid discussion. Spoilers abound.

Feb 18, 2020

In this episode we discuss the first half of Deuces Down (Wild Cards Book 16).

Show Notes

Short and sweet, friends:

  • Read John Jos. Miller's Wild Card and Sports article now, please.
  • You can add songs that are relevant to Wild Cards to our Wild Cards Songs playlist, but please make sure they're directly relevant. Someone has added a Billie Eilish song; I don't have the energy to determine whether it's actually right for the playlist so whatever. Maybe drop us a note with your thinking, Spotify User lmr1818.
  • Why not take a gander at GRRM's original announcement of the publication of Deuces Down?

General Notes

The authors that contributed to this book are:

  • John J Miller
  • Walton Simons
  • Melinda M. Snodgrass
  • Stephen Leigh
  • Michael Cassutt
  • Kevin Andrew Murphy
  • Daniel Abraham
  • George R.R. Martin (editor)
  • Timothy Truman (illustrations)

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